This section describes a selection of my favourite open-source projects. Most of these are side-projects, which means they were developed in my spare time.

Projects Link to heading

Cloud-Native Foundation Projects that I help to maintain Link to heading

thanos Link to heading

Highly available Prometheus setup with long term storage capabilities. CNCF Sandbox project.

prometheus/client_golang Link to heading

Prometheus instrumentation library for Go applications

kube-thanos Link to heading

Kubernetes specific configuration for deploying Thanos.

Projects that I help to maintain Link to heading

parca Link to heading

Parca is a continuous profiling project for applications and infrastructure. It helps you save money, improve performance and understand incidents better.

parca-agent Link to heading

eBPF based always-on profiler auto-discovering targets in Kubernetes and systemd, zero code changes or restarts needed!

kube-prometheus Link to heading

Use Prometheus to monitor Kubernetes and applications running on Kubernetes.

Projects that I USED to Maintain Link to heading

drone-cache Link to heading

A Drone plugin for caching current workspace files between builds to reduce your build times. drone-cache is a small CLI program, written in Go without any external OS dependencies (such as tar, etc).