Where were we?


After a considerable amount of break (like that I’ve ever blogged regularly), I’m going to try blogging (again). So stay tuned!

At the beginning of the last year (2019), I promised myself that I would contribute more to the Free and Open source software world, in any form or shape (like start a blog perhaps). To do that, and of course, for my mundane needs as well, I started working on a small project called drone-cache. While I was working on that project, I also wanted to give a try to my long awaiting hobby-to-be blogging. So I managed to write my first ever blog post, where I told the story of how I built the drone-cache.

I enjoyed it, and I thought it would become a habit for me. With regret, I couldn’t make it happen. (If I have ever given myself a dime for the promises that I had made.) You know why? Life happened! I decided to change jobs and find one that would challenge me more. (As the wiser always say, be careful what you wish for!) Long story short, after searching for a job for a couple of months, the job found me! But even the searching part had taken a considerable amount of time and energy.

Last July, I started my journey at Red Hat, Openshift Observability Platform team. Since then, I have learned a ton! Still learning, pushing forward, and challenging myself in every possible way, and enjoying every bit of it. But it hurts! I guess this is better than whining; you know what they say…

In this constant masochistic self-pushing journey, I also decided to overcome one of my colossal fears: public speaking. With the help of amazing Bartek Plotka (@bwplotka), I gave my first talk on building observable services/applications with Go at GoDays 2020 Berlin and FOSDEM 2020! For further details, check: “Are you testing your Observability?”. (Maybe I should write a series where I delve into details of the points that we have listed in the talk. 🤔)

What’s next? Link to heading

Precisely at this point of time and space, in the known universe, I would like to challenge myself a bit more and try harder to keep my promise to be a more frequent blogger. I am going to start blogging about the concepts that I have been working on, such as building observable distributed systems, building high-performance Go applications and more. While I’m exploring and learning about these topics, I’d like to share my experience and reach out to people (if somebody reads this out there). I will give more real-life examples, challenge the ideas more and try to come up with some good practices and share my modest implications! So stay tuned!

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